Logos and Branding

Need a logo or a complete branding package, it should be no problem. Check the portfolio for a few examples.

Development and Programming

Web Development

Efficient Magento, WordPress and Shopify development of themes and custom work.

Print Design


Work for print medium: illustration, event posters, or other.

Web Design

Web Design

This is what I started out working on years ago, and have never looked back, since the days before Google was born. Web design for mobile and desktop.

Icon Design

Icon Design

I love making icons, it started out when from a need for custom icons for web pages I worked on, and has grown into a new skill and into big icon sets and big custom icon projects.



Illustration is a new field I have taken up to exploring and is a normal step up from making icons. Love to try out new things and take up new challenges.

My Social Activity Feed

I am a pretty friendly guy, and try to keep up with these social networks as often as I can.
Go ahead, add, like, share and such things 🙂

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